ATM Hack 'Handing Out Wads Of Cash'

A major security flaw has been found in the world's ATM machines which allows hackers to plant a piece of software that then gives them unlimited access.
The flaw -- discovered by Kaspersky labs -- is called 'Tyupkin' and can be exploited by first installing a piece of trojan software into the ATM's computer.
Installing the software is the hardest part as it requires direct access to the ATM's inner workings. However once the hackers have gained access the planted trojan simply hides in the background.
tyupnik atm hack
The criminal can then walk up to the ATM and input a randomly generated secret code which activates the trojan and gives them complete access to the machine.
From there they can force the machine to dispense as many as 40 notes at a time.
Kaspersky published a video of the hack in progress and has alerted the relevant police forces around the world. The BBC reports that Interpol is now carrying out a major worldwide investigation in the affected countries.
At present it looks as though China, Russia and the USA are the worst hit while much of mainland Europe appears to be free of the software for the moment.

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